Created by OSV, Act for the Outdoors encourages stakeholders from throughout the outdoor sports industry and outdoor enthusiasts to act together to preserve our all-natural outdoor playground.


The environment, the great outdoors, Mother Nature, Gaia, and the list goes on, lies at the core of everyone’s passion for outdoor sports, and this is exactly why we need to act together to protect such a precious resource. Outdoor sports bring people together around a common passion and serve as a tool for social cohesion. We need to act now to preserve and protect natural spaces.


All throughout the year ACT selects projects to fund whose core values match those of our industry. Once selected, these non-profits receive guidance to help successful implementation the projects being funded.


We have the power to act together to effect global change.

CURRENT projeCts


"Put on your shoes and grab your rake"

The goal of this project is to build greater awareness within the trail running community about the impact that races have on the environment, and offer them the opportunity to participate in maintaining the natural spaces where they enjoy their favorite sport (and races…).

"These are the mountains in your neighborhood"

This project’s goal is to introduce the underprivileged youth living in the Arve River Valley (French Alps) to the local mountain environment and teach them about the effects of climate change on the surrounding mountain landscapes and ecology.

The program will combine participation in outdoor sports with career planning in one of several mountain professions.

"Paragliders and raptors sharing the sky"

The goal of this project is to provide paraglider pilots with a better understanding of cliff-dwelling raptors, their behavior and specific needs during the nesting period, and the protocol to follow to avoid any adverse impact that could compromise their chicks.


Ainsi que de nombreux particuliers engagés ... Merci à tous



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Bon à savoir : La défiscalisation sera à hauteur de 60% des montants versés si vous êtes une entreprise, et à hauteur de 66% si vous êtes un particulier.

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